AWS Cost Optimization

Lower AWS Costs Over 50%

Who Can Benefit?
  • Using AWS AutoScaling
  • Average running 3 or more Instances
Average Savings?
  • Ranges from 50-75% cost reduction, depending on application
How Does It Work?
  • AutoScalr continually assesses the state of your application and selects the most cost-effective set of instances to power it and still meet performance and availability requirements, then drives the group to that configuration.
  • More details here.
How Long To Setup?
Is It Secure?
  • Yes.  AutoScalr uses AWS Best Practices for securely managing the cluster.
  • See more details here.
How Much Does It Cost?
  • Essentially Free: 10% of Savings
  • Guaranteed Immediate ROI
  • 14 Day Free Trial with No Fees or Commitment
  • Billing Integrated Into Normal AWS Bill
  • Pricing Details

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