AutoScaled EC2 Optimizer

60-85% Cost Reduction of AutoScaled Applications

by leveraging AutoScalr's machine learning optimization algorithms to dynamically determine the most cost-effective set of instances to power the cluster, and then automatically driving it to that configuration to save you money.

Risk Free

AutoScalr only charges 10% of the savings generated.  No savings, no charge.  Cancel at anytime.  No credit card required, billing is handled automatically via AWS account as savings are generated.

Easy To Use

AutoScalr extends the commonly used AWS AutoScaling Group construct allowing easy setup in minutes without any code changes for any AWS autoscaled application.

Simple Settings

Allows for quick and easy tuning of performance parameters.  Start with only a small percentage of capacity in Spot and as time goes by simply adjust to maximize the savings level appropriate for your application.

Increase Performance

By setting the target spare capacity to maintain, AutoScalr will

  • Automatically absorb any capacity hit from the loss of a Spot market
  • Increase performance for the other 99% of the time

All at a lower overall operational cost.

Tracks Scaling History

over time to learn additional cost optimizations to save you more money.

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