EKS Optimizer

Fargate Scaling Simplicity for AWS EKS Kubernetes Clusters Today at 60-85% Lower Cost

AutoScale your EKS cluster with Fargate simplicity today by leveraging AutoScalr's machine learning optimization algorithms to dynamically determine the most cost-effective set of EC2 instances to power the cluster, and then automatically driving it to that configuration to save you time and money.
Automatically Scales EC2's Based Upon EKS Cluster Load
By analyzing the number and size of the Docker containers required for each active deployments in the cluster to determine

  • Most cost-effective set of instances to power the desired state
  • Including bin-packing analysis to verify that all the desired containers / pods will fit

and then automatically driving the cluster to the most optimal state.

Maintains Specified Spare Capacity To Assure Quick Scaling
EC2's start much slower (minutes) than Docker Containers (seconds), so you want a percentage of spare capacity around to handle the majority of scale up events quickly.  AutoScalr makes it easy for you to select your target spare capacity.
And even in the case your scale up event requires more than your specified spare capacity, AutoScalr will make sure it will be handled in one scale up event, not multiple, so your worst case scaling out time in is about 4 to 5 minutes regardless of the size of the traffic spike.
Dynamic Right-Sizing
AutoScalr dynamically selects the most cost-effective instance type based upon the current load in the EKS cluster, shifting between memory efficient and CPU efficient types as load changes.
Easy To Use
AutoScalr has an easy setup in minutes without any code changes.  It runs as a deployment inside your EKS cluster to allow your cluster to automatically resize based upon the load in the EKS cluster.
Risk Free
AutoScalr only charges 10% of the savings generated.  No savings, no charge.  Cancel at anytime.  No credit card required, billing is handled automatically via AWS account as savings are generated.

Simplify Your EKS Scaling and Start Saving Money Today

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