Extend Your Funding Runway By Lowering Your AWS Costs With AutoScalr

Are AWS costs a significant portion of your company's burn rate?

If so, AutoScalr can probably help cut your burn rate within 15 minutes with no development effort required.

AutoScalr accomplishes this by applying machine learning technologies to constantly analyze the most cost-effective set of instances to power your application and still meet your availability requirements.  It will spread your processing power across both On-Demand instances and Spot instances spread across multiple instance types and Spot markets.  It will constantly assess your application's load, spot market price changes, and your existing set of instances to see if a more cost effective solution is available, and if it is, take the corresponding cost optimizing action.  If a Spot instance is about to be lost, AutoScalr will automatically start a replacement instance. Typical savings range in the 50-75% compared to On-Demand.


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