Stateful EC2 Optimizer

60-85% cost reduction with 99.9% availability

by leveraging patent-pending technology that allows most EC2 single instance apps to take advantage of the cost savings benefits of Spot instances while still maintaining a specified availability level.
Cost vs Performance
is a well understood and easily optimized along the fairly linear curve by simply selecting a different EC2 instance type. Larger instance types deliver better performance at a higher cost.  Simply select the smallest instance type that still meets your performance requirements.
Cost vs Availability
typically has a non-linear exponential relationship to it. There are a number of variables involved, but a general rule of thumb is "each additional 9 doubles the cost", such as going from 99.9 to 99.99%. It is also much harder to move along this exponential curve, typically requiring code changes and/or re-architecting.

Hidden Savings
What is often overlooked in cloud cost optimization strategies, is the fact that Spot instances open up this same cost availability curve to individual EC2 instances.  For many applications, simply moving from 99.95% to 99.9% can generate 60-85% savings.  The challenge, and a large part of the reason it is often overlooked, is the development effort to achieve the savings and guarantee the availability is met generally outweighs the savings.
Managed EC2 Environments
eliminates the development effort of optimizing EC2's along the cost availability curve, opening up this potential savings to you.
Simply specify where along the curve you want the EC2 application to run and AutoScalr will automatically generate maximum savings while meeting that availability.  If any Spot interruptions do occur, the EC2 is automatically and transparently replaced with an On-Demand instance with the same state and network location within minutes.  If the tracked availability and estimated Spot capacity allow, AutoScalr will at some point transparently move the EC2 back to Spot to continue to achieve savings.
Easy To Use
Simply tag the EC2 instances you want AutoScalr to manage for you.
Automatic Snapshots
The main driver in how long it takes to transition an EC2 from On-Demand to/from Spot is the number of changes in its EBS volume.  If there is a recent snapshot, only the blocks that have changed since the last snapshot need to be recorded, so it will happen very quickly.   To help facilitate this and maximize savings and availability, AutoScalr provides automated scheduling of snapshots of managed instances.  The snapshot process occurs in the background, while the instance is  running.
Run Schedule
Some EC2 applications do not need to run 24 by 7.  If that applies to a portion of your EC2 applications, you can also specify Run Schedules for Managed EC2 Environments such as weekdays between 7 am and 7 pm.  AutoScalr will automatically start and stop the managed instances at the appropriate times, generating additional savings and removing the need for staff to remember to shut down unneeded EC2's.
Risk Free
AutoScalr only charges 10% of the savings generated.  No savings, no charge.  Cancel at anytime.  No credit card required, billing is handled automatically via AWS account as savings are generated.

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